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• “Brought Smile back to my face”
Dr. Sanjoy Sen, Senior Gynecologist, Kolkata.

• Among thousands of grateful patients of Dr Udey Vir Gandhi, the renowned prosthodontist of Calcutta, I, Prof. Dipesh Lahiri, three score and ten, and a teacher by profession, count myself as one who is twice blessed - both as his long-lasting , enormously satisfied patient, but also a lucky patient in the original Latin sense of the word, which means, witness. In this latter sense I have been also a patient/witness to his magical work, his knowledge of his subject, his expertise, and his craftsmanship. I have seen him re-model many a broken face with lost teeth or a jaw ravaged by carcinoma, and surprise the poor man with a happily smiling new face, the beginning of a new life. Dr. Gandhi is relatively a young prosthodontist, age-wise, though by now he has earned a formidable reputation through his practice spread over more than 25 years. He is lean of build, almost athletic, brisk on his feet, and boasts of a firm and yet gentle grip. Both age and experience sit lightly on him except a touch of grey on his bearded chin, which lends him a serious, professional look. But what endears him most to his patients are his never-failing courtesy which is native to him, his gentleness to his patients – the way he helps the patient ease into the dentist’s chair – and his dedicated, concentrated attention to every minutiae of the work in hand in which he almost never fails. He is the kind of doctor in whose very presence a patient feels comforted and in whose hands he feels cared for.

I can claim to be one of his oldest patients and the fact that as an aging teacher I can still boast of a set of firm teeth which I often bare to impress my audience, is a measure of Dr.Gandhi’s professional expertise and personal care over more than twenty years.

Professor Dipesh Lahiri , MPhil PhD, PMEM, Temple College, Oxford, External Scholar, Library of Congress, Wasington DC, presently visiting faculty to various universities.